Two suspects in a string of campus thefts were arrested on Friday at The Hotel Ithaca, Cornell Police said.

Michelle Fraling / Sun Staff Photographer

Two suspects in a string of campus thefts were arrested on Friday at The Hotel Ithaca, Cornell Police said.

September 20, 2016

Before Nazaire Stabbing, Ithaca Crimes Form Pattern

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While the stabbing of Anthony Nazaire on Cornell’s campus earlier this month received widespread attention from both local and national media outlets, the incident follows several serious crimes earlier this year, similar in nature, that received far less attention.

Ithaca police have responded to shootings and armed robberies within the last year. Although many were shocked when Nazaire was stabbed and killed on Cornell’s campus, his was not the only Ithaca stabbing in the last year — it was just the only fatal one.

Earlier in August, an incident involving a stabbing occured on the 400 block of Eddy Street. The victim was not affiliated with the University and was transported by plane to a regional trauma center due to severe wounds to the abdomen.

Similarly to the stabbing of Nazaire, no information was available about the incident’s perpetrators or suspects responsible for the stabbing.

A different altercation occurred in early May, when Cornell Police responded to reports of an ongoing fight at around 2 a.m. on College Ave., near Myron Taylor Hall, just down the street from where Nazaire was stabbed.

Eric J. Kim ’17 was charged with one count of assault in the second-degree for inflicting “serious physical injuries” on another student who had been trying to diffuse a fight involving a friend, The Sun reported.

Despite the number of witnesses, the Nazaire murder investigation, unlike the investigation of group fight that occurred in May, has so still not yielded any suspects.

  • John

    Apathetic Cornell!
    I guess we will never know who murdered Anthony Nazaire
    Even with all the witnesses and videos!
    It reveals a lot about the Cornell population and reputation!

    • Joey Baloney

      Ah, it says a lot more about Black “culture” than it does about Cornell. BTW, the fact that IC students were involved says what about Cornell.? Me thinks you’ve got race and ivy envy.

  • Alum

    I don’t see a pattern here.

    • DDB9000

      Uh, they all happened on or near the Cornell campus – not in other parts of Ithaca.

  • Alum

    The headline seems sensationalistic. I mean, one stabbing is one too many. But when talking about stabbings, the headline “Ithaca Crimes Form Pattern” implies more than two stabbings (plus one other fight).

  • Elle

    Cornell University and Ithaca College (and Tompkins Community College?- still unclear exactly which schools were there) – should suspend the fraternity chapters and/or student groups who both hosted and attended to create pressure to cooperate. Lots of kids seen videotaping but no-one cooperating ? For goodness sake, this was an altercation that resulted in murder – most people who get heated in an argument aren’t packing a knife and certainly wouldn’t consider stabbing another human being!! Whoever thinks it is better to keep quiet and chooses not to help the police investigation doesn’t belong on any college or university campus!! Stop preaching about what you think and let’s pressure the one’s who know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cynthia Jackson

      I agree. Get the fraternity off the campus until its members come forward with the evidence they have about who murdered a young man right before their eyes.

  • confused

    If you see a pattern in the crimes you wrote about, then you must be some kind of code-breaking wunderkind.

  • Penelope Parker

    Sorry, where is the “pattern”? The only thing these incidents have in common is that there were three fights, and there were knives used in two of those fights. Your sensationalist earlier paragraph about “shootings and armed robberies” suggests that the Cornell area is some sort of hotbed of violence, when it isn’t. It also has no connection with the three incidents you mention. This article is a complete waste of news space, and it’s idiotically incoherent to boot. Maybe pursue a different line of work, one where you don’t have to think before you spout nonsense?

  • John

    Apathetic Cornell
    are one of many and proud of it!
    Tons of videos and witnesses and no one
    acknowledges their information .
    AND The definition of APATHETIC !

  • Tony

    time to bring in the Department of Education to investigate a cover up

  • Concerned Alumnus

    Trigger warning: A student was murdered on campus.

    Why is CDS not pressuring for videos to be made public? Someone might recognize a suspect.

  • Kara Mason

    Absolutely incredible that there are no arrests yet.
    How could this be? His friend was also stabbed and survived. Who is covering this up and why? This is an outrage! Where was campus security?

  • Kenny

    Look around you at Cornell! Does anyone even smile at you
    as you walk past them???
    Astonishing! No wonder there is an increase in violence!
    That is a fact not an opinion!