Co-ops Open Doors for Mosey

The process of joining a co-op is informally called “mosey,” as an attempt to make distinctions from the Greek System’s process of “rush,” according to Hill. Individuals going through the process are referred to as “moseyers.”

Professor Mark Nelson Named New Johnson Dean

“It’s an opportunity to facilitate integration and cooperation, to make sure that the College of Business is as special as the three schools are individually,” he said. “The CCB can help us offer more opportunities for our students while also helping us identify teaching arrangements that help attract and retain excellent faculty.”

Cornell Creates Slope Day Breakfast Initiative

“[The initiative] gets people in the mindset of eating, hydrating and taking care of their body on Slope Day,” Gangidi and Petrucci said. “The distribution of breakfast is good in that it will allow students the opportunity to eat a full breakfast, so that they have enough energy for the day.”