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LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Cayuga’s Waiters Alumni respond to hazing allegations against on-campus group

To the Editor:

On April 25, Cornell released its findings on allegations of hazing by members of Cayuga’s Waiters, Cornell’s oldest all-male a cappella group. The 321-member Waiter alumni community are appalled by the incidents described in the findings. Until these allegations were leveled, hazing was never part of Cayuga’s Waiters culture. Waiter alumni stand with Cornell in condemning hazing unequivocally. Neither the on-campus group nor alumni dispute the finding that former members introduced hazing to Cayuga’s Waiters.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR | On Cayuga’s Waiters

To the Editor:

Last month, I attended the memorial service  for a Cornell classmate of mine, Robert Cohen, of the Class  of 1960. Bob and I met on my first day at Cornell, in September of 1956; and although not close friends, we remained good friends over the next 56 Years, until his death last December. Among other things, and perhaps one of the most notable aspects of Bob’s life was his lifelong membership in Cayuga’s Waiters. In that capacity, Bob  attended every Cornell reunion, not only those of our class, over the past many years. He and his colleagues provided enormous pleasure and a welcome infusion of  Cornell spirit at those events.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | What Happened to the Waiters?

To the Editor:

On Sept. 20 readers of The Cornell Daily Sun learned that the Cayuga’s Waiters, Cornell’s oldest all-male a cappella group, was suspended by the University for undescribed violations of the Campus Code of Conduct. This writer has since learned that the Waiters has been dragged through the University’s disciplinary system, convicted on three counts of hazing and group-punished accordingly. This brings to mind a few questions. Why did The Sun not keep on top of this story and report the outcome?