Founding Team | Christopher Caulfield M.S. ’19, Ryan Sydnor MBA ’19, Richard Hill M.Eng. ’19

Cornell Tech Alumni Discuss Workplace Technology Startup, Offer Advice for Entrepreneurs

Navigating post-grad life can be defined by uncertainty and risk. Starting a new business can be as well. But three Cornell Tech graduates decided to do both simultaneously when they pursued their passion to found Grow, a startup focused on improving workplace culture. Then graduate students at Cornell Tech, Ryan Sydnor MBA ’19, Christopher Caulfield M.S. ’19 and Richard Hill M.Eng. ’19 were united by what they felt was a “core problem” in team culture, according to Sydnor.

Clocktower on Oct 18th, 2018 (Michael Wenye Li / Sun Photography Editor)

From Student to Teacher: Alumni Professors Reflect on Their Time at Cornell

After weeks of exams, papers and responsibilities, fall break offers a welcome respite for students to destress and relax. Many Cornell students decide to go home or get away from campus, though some students simply live too far away or choose not to step off campus for a quick vacation.


Former Chief of Nintendo America to Teach at Cornell

From the adventures of Link in the Legend of Zelda to the twists and turns of Mario Kart, Reginald “Reggie” Ails-Aimé ’83, former president and CEO of Nintendo America, has been a part of bringing dreams to life for Nintendo users across the world for years.

Alum and his wife created a company and device that helps woman breastfeed.

Alum Founded Company With Wife to Address Breastfeeding Problems

After enduring pregnancy and childbirth, many new mothers experience an additional challenge –– breastfeeding. Hoping to make it easier for mothers to feed their babies, Cornell alum Max Spivak ’07, MBA ’14, MILR ’15 and his wife Kate Spivak co-founded Laally and created their own device in 2017 to provide a solution.