Photo Courtesy of the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

NDLOVU | Reflections on Consent

It’s especially scary when, on the front page of the news, there’s a mugshot of someone you frequently see in your dorm, the dining hall, parties or classes being charged with rape. My heart goes out to the courageous women who survived these ordeals and rightfully reported them. Whenever I hear about these terrible crimes, I cannot ignore the small voice that says, “it could have been you.” Sexual harassment is happening to us individually on the daily, even if we do not realize it, and we must realize this in order to truly help others. Wolf-whistling, cat-calling and lurid up-and-down gazes are so commonplace that most women just brush them off and move on but such sexual gestures indicate that regarding women as sexual objects still persists. Furthermore, it may seem like the recent highly-publicized Wolfgang Ballinger and Xavier Eaglin rape crimes are isolated exceptions within a peaceful, liberal and crime-free campus but the shocking fact is that 5% of women on college campuses in America are victims of  rape or attempted rape every year (Kilpatrick, Resnick, Riggierio, Conoscenti, & McCauley, 2007; American College Health Association, 2013).


Cornell Police Investigate Vandalism on Campus

Multiple incidents of graffiti were reported at various locations around campus during the winter break, according to the Cornell University Police Department crime log. Much of the graffiti contained similar themes, symbols and phrases. The crime log indicates that CUPD officers were dispatched to take reports of spray-painted graffiti — listed under the category of “criminal mischief” — on Goldwin Smith Hall, the A.D. White statue, the base of Baker Flagpole, Milstein Hall, Balch Hall and the Risley Hall bus stop. Balch Hall and Goldwin Smith Hall reported multiple incidents. The crime log indicated that graffiti was also spray painted at the intersection of Cornell Avenue and University Avenue.   

“At this point, only the perpetrator of these crimes could explain what their motivation is and what exactly they were hoping to communicate.” — Chief Kathy Zoner
A hammer and sickle, a common communist symbol, was spray painted on both a statue of A.D. White on the Arts Quad and Baker Flagpole on West campus.

"Forcible Touching Incident" in Collegetown

If you’re a current member of Cornell’s community, you probably received a CU Crime Alert Email Monday night regarding a “forcible touching incident.” If not, I’ve pasted it below:

“Cornell University Police has been advised that the Ithaca Police Department is investigating a reported forcible touching incident that occurred sometime this past weekend (Sept. 5-6) in the approximate area of the 300 block of College Avenue. The incident was reported to the Cornell University Police Monday afternoon, Sept. 7. The details of the incident are still being investigated, and suspect information is still being developed.”

Suspect in Shooting Charged with Assault

On Jan. 8, shots rang out on the 300 block of First Street, disturbing the usual peace and quiet of an Ithaca evening. Yesterday, the Tompkins County Grand Jury charged Caesar Slaughter, 52, with first-degree assault, according to the Ithaca Journal. Slaughter was also charged two counts of second-degree criminal possession for the alleged shooting, which wounded an Ithaca man.

Ithaca Residents React to Recent City Shooting

When residents of First Street saw part of their neighborhood being sectioned off with police tape, their emotions ranged from weariness to genuine shock. In a community that is home to a day care center and several houses, a shooting earlier this month was simply too close for comfort.
According to neighbors, the police surrounded a nondescript house on the 300 block of First Street on the evening of Jan. 8, where the suspect and several other people exited and were later taken into custody.
The shooter was later identified as Caesar Young, 52, of New York City. The victim suffered no fatal injuries.
“I was shocked to find out about it,” said Michael Salmines, a music teacher who lives on the corner of the 100 block of First Street.

Perps Sentenced In Ctown Robberies

Two robbers who have been convicted of robbing students in and around Cornell received prison sentences on Sept. 9, according to The Ithaca Journal. Whitley “Cash” Taylor, 26, faces four years in prison, while Frisco C. Meeks, 20, faces three-and-a-half years in prison. Both felons will receive post-release supervision.
Taylor and Meeks arranged to meet their victims by telling them they were interested in purchasing marijuana. But when they met, the pair would pull out a weapon and robbed the victims. Some of those robbed were Cornell students.
Meeks was arrested on April 1 and Whitley was found in Washington D.C. two weeks the later.