Mother of Five Cornellians Is Among Victims of Binghamton Shootings

The shooting in Binghamton that left the small city reeling in its wake has a connection to the neighboring Cornell community.
Teacher Roberta King, who was killed inside the  American Civic Association while substituting for an English as a Second Language class, left behind 17 grandchildren, including Ilisa Naukam ‘09. King was the mother of 10 children, five of whom went to Cornell, according to the Associated Press.

Suspect in Shooting Charged with Assault

On Jan. 8, shots rang out on the 300 block of First Street, disturbing the usual peace and quiet of an Ithaca evening. Yesterday, the Tompkins County Grand Jury charged Caesar Slaughter, 52, with first-degree assault, according to the Ithaca Journal. Slaughter was also charged two counts of second-degree criminal possession for the alleged shooting, which wounded an Ithaca man.

Ithaca Residents React to Recent City Shooting

When residents of First Street saw part of their neighborhood being sectioned off with police tape, their emotions ranged from weariness to genuine shock. In a community that is home to a day care center and several houses, a shooting earlier this month was simply too close for comfort.
According to neighbors, the police surrounded a nondescript house on the 300 block of First Street on the evening of Jan. 8, where the suspect and several other people exited and were later taken into custody.
The shooter was later identified as Caesar Young, 52, of New York City. The victim suffered no fatal injuries.
“I was shocked to find out about it,” said Michael Salmines, a music teacher who lives on the corner of the 100 block of First Street.