September 7, 2000

Donahue Named Hoops Coach

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Steve Donahue is now officially a former Penn assistant coach.

At a press conference yesterday, in front of players, school administration, and the media hordes, Donahue was anointed head coach of the Cornell men’s basketball team.

“We are very fortunate and thrilled to have Steve as the new head coach at Cornell,” said Atheltic Director Andy Noel.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the opportunity ahead of me at Cornell,” the new coach commented. “It’s just amazing to be associated with an institution like Cornell.

“There’s no place I’d rather be right now than Cornell,” he added.

Donahue wasted little time in explaining his goals for the Red.

“I want to win Ivy League titles. That’s what I’m used to doing,” he said.

“I believe the guys in this room, on this team, can win an Ivy League title,” Donahue continued. “I would not have taken this job otherwise.”

He also spoke of returning the Red to the NCAA tournament.

“The best day and the worst day for a college basketball player is Selection Sunday,” Donahue remarked, adding “You guys haven’t felt what that feels like. I want you guys to experience it.”

Though he has been in Ithaca less than a day, Doanhue was already talking game plans.

“What I’d like to do is push the ball up the floor. I want to have some unselfish play,” he said, adding, “Defensively, I’d like to get at [the other team], get up on you, and I’m gonna take you out of your comfort zone.”

Assuaging the audience, Donahue dispelled any beliefs that he would use this year to rebuild.

“Scott Thompson has not left this program in a rebuilding stage. It is a program,” he said.

A basketball man himself, President Hunter Rawlings III, spared no expense at praising the new man in town.

“I want to congratulate Steve, and say how delighted I am that he’s at Cornell, he said. “We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Bob Chaddock, Associate Director of Athletics, who manned the search for the new coach, explained just why he settled on Donahue for the position.

“I’m very pleased that Steve is basketball coach. He’s a class act, and a tremendous asset to this institution,” Chaddock stated. “We feel Steve will provide dynamic leadership in all facets of our basketball program.”

Archived article by Shiva Nagaraj