September 14, 2000

Blink and They're Gone

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Some might say that punk is dead. In many ways, they’re right. Punk rock at least the anarchist, defiant rock pioneered by such legendary bands as the Sex Pistols, is virtually nonexistent in today’s culture. Nevertheless, in other ways punk rock is more popular than ever. Of course, I’m talking about the light pop/punk favored by bands such as Green Day and the Offspring.

However, the main problem with pop/punk, as a genre, is that it is extraordinarily limited, and this leads to dozens of sound-alike bands. The latest in this seemingly endless string of punks is Sum 41, yet another band with a number in their name for no real reason.

The aptly titled Half Hour Of Power opens up with a Metallica-inspired ’80s metal instrumental, “Grab the Devil By the Horns