September 14, 2000

Gannett Gains Accreditation

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After receiving highest possible scores in 17 evaluation categories, Cornell’s Gannett Health Center has been awarded accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

The AAAHC recognizes institutions for reaching nationally established standards in health care.

“We had a strong occupational health program and patient advocate program,” said Nianne T. VanFleet, associate director of University Health Services, nursing and coordinator of accreditation.

“We meet a certain standard in the community and we are willing to put ourselves up to that every three years,” she said.

Student reaction to the news of Gannett’s newfound accreditation has been varied.

“It serves its purpose and its convenience is a major plus, as well the staff seems knowledgeable,” Matthew VerMilyea ’02 said.

“I’d like to see what other places look like,” Brian Herman ’02 said. “If we got such high scores here, maybe it’s as bad a place as people think it is.”

VanFleet cited the fact that Gannett’s extensive peer review program was essential in the evaluation process and said that this system, along with attention to the needs of the community and a clean, modern building, helped Gannett gain accreditation.

The accreditation committee also reviewed 50 of Gannett’s medical records as a check on the quality of the care being given.

Sharon J. Dittman, associate director, University Health Services, community relations, added that the recent accreditation might help some students gain reimbursements from their insurance providers.

Archived article by David Turkel-Parrella