January 26, 2001

Cornell Cinema: Also Playing This Week

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Musical visionary, fashion icon, mother, rock star, and television star, film goddess follows naturally for the Icelandic phenomenon Bjork. Talk about over-achievers that make you feel like a worthless, talentless, unaccomplished human. Bjork has just added a Golden Globe nomination and a Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress to her already loaded resume. The woman herself plays a Czech immigrant who is saving money for an operation that can cure her son of the same illness that’s making her go blind in the unconventional musical, Dancer in the Dark. Waltz on over to WSH Tonight at 9:00, Friday at 9:20, and Saturday at 5:00 and 7:45 to see what real divas are made of.

The seventies were filled with huge box office hits like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Alien. These classic flicks had the nation dreaming about hostile alien takeovers, close encounters with extra-terrestrials, and the colonialization of strange new worlds. No one was prepared for the chronically fabulous Transexual from Transylvania who had Princess Leia’s fashion sense, the brains of Dr. Spock, and the no nonsense swagger of Lieutenant Ripley. So let’s do “The Time Warp” again “Over at the Frankenstein Place” with the folks in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Friday midnight at Uris and Saturday 10:30 at Uris. Boys, don’t forget your garters. Girls, don’t forget your fishnets. Enter at your own risk!

Archived article by Laura Thomas