March 12, 2001

Cornell Places Four Fencers in Top 10 at Regionals

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In its second consecutive weekend stint in Boston, the fencng team had another strong showing at the Northeast regional championships, as it placed four fencers in the top ten of the three competitions yesterday.


Sophomore Roopa Rangi had an outstanding performance this weekend as she finished as the high Cornell fencer, in sixth place.

This performance gave her an automatic berth at the NCAA national fencing championships in the epee competition.

Waiting For a Call

Nothing sounds sweeter during the month of March than “automatic berth.” Another catch phrase during this time of year is “at-large.”

Senior Ellyn Rajfer will be sweating it out as she waits to hear from the committee whether her eighth place finish, in the foil competition, will be good enough for an at-large bid invitation. She finished as the high Cornellian in this portion of the competition.

Junior Patricia Blumenauer and freshman Stephanie Glaser finished tenth and thirty-first, respectively, in the epee competition.

Saber Performance

Junior Elinor Granzow finished well in tenth place within the saber competition and was the high Cornell finisher. Freshman Lily Nierenberg and senior Kata Mihaly followed in 27th and 33rd place, respectively.

In the last competition, foils, Junior Tara Hatami finished 22nd, while sophomore Rachel Lee placed 29th.

For sure, Rangi will continue to practice for nationals, which will take place on Mar. 22-23 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Archived article by Donald Lee