April 13, 2001

Ivy Schools Confer on Kyoto Now!

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NEW YORK — As students on campus protested outside of Day Hall yesterday, representatives from several Ivy League schools met at Columbia University to discuss efforts involving Kyoto Now! and the Kyoto protocol.

Representatives hoped to shed light on the Kyoto Now campaign and start a trend in schools across the country toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our government has demonstrated a disappointing lack of commitment to the Kyoto protocol and reducing our contributions to global warming,” said Kate Shaffer, Brown University. “If the government will not act, we must set an example and show that it is possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

According to Shaffer, Brown has yet to set their campaign in motion, but students “hope to act towards the amazing commitment and action demonstrated by students at Cornell.”

Sharon Hsu, University of Pennsylvania, said that students there have already initiated talks with their administrators, asking for specific measures to reduce greenhouse gases. These included conducting a comprehensive environmental audit, investigating using natural climate control, expanding the use of motion detectors and turning off energy consuming systems when not in use.

“As Ivy League schools, we are looked up to. We should set an example,” said Andrew Pike, University of Pennsylvania.

Cornell and Columbia were also represented at the meeting. Although the other Ivy League schools were unable to send representatives, according to Shaffer “all the Ivy Leagues are committed and have expressed solidarity.”

“We are committed to our demands,” said Joe McGill ’02, representative for Cornell, adding, “We want our schools to step up to the plate and acknowledge their leadership responsibility as national pacesetters. We demand action on the Kyoto Protocol.”

Archived article by Stacy Williams