September 5, 2001

Born to Bear Carnelian

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I really can’t remember exactly where it began. Maybe it was my first hockey game during Parent’s Weekend, or maybe it was my first encounter with polo head coach Dave Eldredge ’81. But regardless of its origin, I definitely have developed a passion — nay, an obsession — with the spectacle that is Cornell athletics.

Largely lacking national recognition and sans superstars attracting multi-million dollar professional contracts, it seems puzzling to explain my ardent zeal for sports on East Hill. It is, in fact, the very lack of glitz and glamour that enraptures me every time the men and women don the carnelian and white. Across 36 sports on campus, one commonality holds: athletics at its purest, each game played at its most fundamental level, free of obnoxious television time-outs and interruptions from “today’s sponsors.”