September 26, 2001

Get Ready for Second Annual Hockey Ticket Line

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For the second time in two years, the Cornell athletic ticket office has once again decided to reform its method for distributing men’s hockey student season tickets. Instead of the mail-in system used in 1999 or the line-up in Barton Hall last year, it was announced on Monday that this year’s tickets will simply be sold at the north end of Bartels Hall in the Ramin Room at 5:30 p.m., this Friday.

Unlike last year, when several hundred students brought sleeping bags, food and even televisions to Barton and congregated for a couple of days, on Friday none of that will be tolerated.

Students will be permitted to line-up earlier than 5:30, but Cornell police will patrol the line to enforce the University’s policy of prohibiting tents, temporary shelters, public consumption of alcohol and fire building.

Season ticket prices will remain $90, and with a valid Cornell ID, students will be able to purchase a pair of tickets each.

According to men’s hockey head coach Mike Schafer ’86, the athletic department received numerous complaints regarding last year’s system.

“We tried again to listen to the students,” he said. “Students didn’t want to [wait] for two days.”

Schafer added that he feels the system accommodates the needs of all fans, including underclassmen whose passion for hockey would have been ignored in the seniority-based mail-in system.

“It’s pretty close to addressing all the issues our students raised,” he said.

Schafer’s primary concern when the system was first reformed last year was assuring that the hockey team’s most rabid fans would be able to get tickets. And he doesn’t believe that will change this year.

“I don’t think we’ll have any problems selling out [all the tickets], especially with the hockey team that’s coming back this year,” he said.

Gene Lyman, who heads the athletic ticket office, was not available for comment.

As happened last year, members of the men’s hockey team will make an appearance during the ticket sale to entertain fans.

“Fans will get a closer look at us,” Schafer said.

Included in the festivities will likely be a hardest shot competition amongst the Red’s players, which junior defenseman Doug Murray won last year.

Archived article by Shiva Nagaraj