April 25, 2002

Cornell Democrats Elect New Officers

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In a short meeting yesterday, the Cornell Democrats elected officers to their 2002-2003 executive board.

Conducted by outgoing President Michael Moschella ’02, the meeting lasted for approximately an hour and resulted in a new group of democrats poised to lead the organization into the upcoming year.

Jamison Moore ’04, who ran uncontested for president, spoke about some goals that he plans to pursue during his leadership term.

“My primary goal as president is [for democrats] to win elections both [at Cornell] and in Tompkins County,” he said.

“We hope to sweep the Student Assembly elections next spring again, and we also want to bring some more good speakers to campus.”

The other uncontested positions, secretary-treasurer and webmaster, were won respectively by Ben Lowe ’04 and Michael Akavan ’05.

“I hope to keep promoting voter registration, which is something that I think is extremely important,” Akavan said. “If Ivy League Cornell students aren’t voting, then it’s a problem for our entire society.”

Alex Bomstein ’04 will be the next publicity director, while Ben Rockey-Harris ’04 won the contest for director of community relations.


At the close of the meeting, Moschella talked about the legacy that he leaves behind and the future of the Cornell Democrats.

“My legacy [is] revamping the organization and integrating the Cornell Democrats and the Tompkins County democrats,” he explained. “We have the Student Assembly as Cornell Democrats almost exclusively now, since we’ve done a tremendous job on those campaigns, so I guess we’re doing something good.”

Archived article by Meghan Barr