January 29, 2003

Slummin' With the Faithful

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I’ll never forget where I was when it was happened.

I was in Sage Chapel on a Saturday afternoon when along with Cornell’s announcement of finally selecting a new president came a bold question:

Does the new president’s son get hockey tickets?

The statement had me fuming so much that I was full of more smoke than Greg Rutter on a Saturday night. After all, there were close to 1000 of us who had waited in line for 40-plus hours, dealt with Gene Nighman, the other guy in the red shirt, and waited anxiously for people to be thrown out due to the line check system.

Here was a student who had skipped the ordeal, and as a reward for being almost famous tickets been handed to him.

I was disappointed in the management for this one. I mean, I know nepotism is involved in the admission’s process, but does it also need to rear its ugly head in the process of obtaining hockey tickets?

While I typically would tell you “No!” I have recently reconsidered in this instance. You see, this past Saturday I spent time getting to know Jacob Lehman ’06 at a hockey game.

Even before the puck dropped it was obvious he was still a bit wet behind the ears when it came to the traditions of Lynah Rink. Though he watched intently, Lehman didn’t know a majority of the cheers and was really a disappointment. I was saddened to see that my initial thought of “facetimer” was true.

But then it happened.

Senior co-captain Stephen B