September 9, 2004

Don't Stand So Close to Me

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Writing a column for the Daily Sun gives you unexpected perks. For example, while interviewing people for this article, I met a real-life rock star of sorts. Unbeknownst to most of us in the music biz, the front man of Attitune was traveling through town last week to promote an upcoming show. I’m sure you’re familiar with Attitune’s story: one guitarist and one drummer combine powers to create musical ecstasy at every show. Astonishingly, this reporter secured a five-minute interview during the front man’s smoking break. While they haven’t achieved the level of fame as, say, the Cosmic Sex Prophets, Attitune are breaking music barriers with their uber-postmodern style: “We’re minimalist or repetitive, depending on your point of view. Nobody sings in the band, so we set up a microphone facing the audience while we’re playing. Anybody who wants to jam with us can take it away and start singing.” Attitune created this innovate dialectic with the audience after they witnessed a local show at the ABC Caf