September 9, 2004

Entertainment News

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Rocking Out Against Genocide

In the grand tradition of Live Aid, Woodstock, and The Family Values Tour, international rock stars have come together again in a compilation supporting the current humanitarian crisis in Sudan. The download-only CD, entitled Songs for Sudan, will feature contributions from artists such as REM, Badly Drawn Boy, Primal Scream, and David Gray. Also contributing are Jet, who were probably drawn to the effort by their ability to relate with the water shortages and poor hygiene of many third-world nations. Of course, the chances of this CD grossing well in Americas are slim, since most Americans probably just found out a couple of sentences ago that 1) There is a humanitarian crisis in Sudan, 2) There is a country called Sudan, and 3) It”s not a type of car.

Curating Against Genocide

Continuing the great French tradition of solipsistic intellectualism, President Jacques Chirac expects to inaugurate the opening of the Mus