April 27, 2005

Martin Chooses New Vice Provosts

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Provost Biddy Martin named two new vice provosts yesterday who will step into their positions on June 30.

Michele Moody-Adams, Huchinson Professor of Ethics and Public Life and director of Cornell’s Ethics and Public Life program will replace Isaac Kramnick as vice provost for undergraduate education. Appointed in 2001, Kramnick was the first person to hold the position.

In addition, Stephen Kresovich, associate provost for life sciences, will replace Kraig Adler as vice provost for the life sciences, who was the first person to hold that position.

“It is a pleasure and a very great privilege to be able to play a central role in shaping the undergraduate educational experience at Cornell,” stated Moody-Adams in a press release. “I’m looking forward to the new position.”

“Under the leadership of Dr. Adler and others, the new Life Science Initiative has made great progress for the better part of a decade,” stated Kresovich. “As such, I am looking forward to working with our creative and energetic faculty as well as out supportive and foresighted administrators.”

As vice provost for undergraduate education, Kramnick was heavily involved in the West Campus Residential Initiative.

Kramnick said that he plans to return to the government department and to spend “more time teaching, more time with students and more time with [his] wife.”

“Issac Kramnick has been a wonderful vice provost and member of the community,” said Tommy Bruce, vice president for communications and media relations. “Issac Kramnick will always be a great feature of the community.”

“He’s paving the way for an incredible Michele Moody-Adams,” Bruce added.

Moody-Adams will be responsible for all undergraduate educational initiatives including the first year reading project and the alumni mentoring program. Kresovich will be responsible for developing Cornell’s Life Sciences initiative.

“I am delighted that two such remarkable faculty members have agreed to serve in the positions which Isaac Kramnick and Kraig Adler helped define and in which each has served with such distinction,” stated Martin in a press release. “Cornell is fortunate to have all four of these dedicated and talented individuals as part of our community.”

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