April 29, 2005

Four Identified in I.C. Rainbow Flag Theft

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Four people were accused Wednesday of stealing the rainbow flag from the “free speech” flagpole on Ithaca College’s academic quad. The flag, symbolizing gay pride, was reported missing on April 9.

Three of the accused were Ithaca College students, and they have been referred to the campus judicial system for alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code. The non-student will be barred from the I.C. campus.

I.C. administrators believe that there may have been more people involved in the theft, and request that anyone with information step forward. Federal law prohibits I.C. from releasing the names of the suspects and the outcomes of their cases to the public.

The flag theft was one of several bias-related incidents that took place on I.C.’s campus earlier this month. The string of incidents sparked a rally on the campus, where students voiced their outrage at the crimes.

I.C. authorities do not believe that the four suspects they identified for the flag theft were also responsible for the graffiti.

Archived article by Sun Staff