November 9, 2006

Armageddon Monks' Revival

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On their prerelease album, Revival, Ithaca’s Armageddon Monks create a high-octane sound with sharp guitars and piercing vocals from lead singer Aamir Baseer. Drawing obvious comparisons to arena rock megastars Metallica and Velvet Revolver, the Monks demonstrate their song-writing prowess best with “Get Your Fill.”
On that track, Basheer’s vocal range works in concert almost perfectly with Steven Goldman’s crisp and fluid guitar solos – the song resonates with a certain energy and musicianship rarely seen in bands hoping to become the next big thing in the arena-rock genre. It is only when the group slows down its tempo and energy in favor of more drawn-out ballads that the album loses its resonance. On “Where We Lie,” though Goldman’s guitar-work and harmonies are on-point, Basheer almost seems to be trying too hard to stay in key throughout the verse. Nevertheless, a good release from a progressive local group – if you want to catch more of Armagedon Monks, check them out at The Nines next Friday at 10:00 p.m.