April 23, 2007

Cornellians in the Military

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I have served in the military for the last 11 years, and have met only 3 other Cornell grads.

The last of those three, my current commander, went to the Johnson Business school, and teased me for being a Cornellian when I introduced myself.
He confided to me one day that he was afraid before he arrived at Cornell that he would have protestors outside of his office or harassing him in some way (he attended class in uniform, as well as carrying out some ROTC related duties while he was at Cornell).

Why aren’t more Cornellians in the military?

I met plenty of young republicans while at Cornell, so unless they’re all as soulless as our current president and vice-president, it can’t just be politics.
I know a lot of us go on from Cornell into public service.

How come more of us don’t consider the military?

Trust me, after three deployments to two warzones, I can tell you that having more officers with an open minded perspective on humanity would be a boon rather than a drag on our nation’s efforts to shape a saner world.