Ithaca Bees, Dreams, and Goodbyes

I’ll say my farewells in a minute, but I have to vent first and no I’m not talking the Coors Light commercial type of way — even though that sounds like a tantalizing idea. What is up with these Ithaca bees? I just walked up college avenue, through the Ho Plaza to the library and I swear I had to swipe away at least ten bees from my face. I got people out here looking at me like I’m crazy because my arms are flailing all over the place wildly as I try and get them away from me. One, I never got stung before and I’m not cool with the idea of getting stung even once, it’s not in my life plan. Two, even IF I was to get stung, I’d be damned if it were by one of these steroid injected buzzing insects. Listen, back in middle school, I used to go on outdoor education trips.

I Love Collegiate Sports

So we have reached the end of March Madness also known as the end of my sports happiness. The sports nation has already listened to my “One Shining Moment.” The Cinderella stories of Cleveland State and Siena have come to an end. Michigan State’s emotional stimulus package to the Detroit area has all but expired. UNC has been crowned National Champions yet again and Cornell Big Red basketball fans will have to wait another year for a possible first-round upset.

Breaking Down The Game

First and foremost, I am mad I spotted a fan in the crowd with a Stanford hoodie on … the nerve. After getting embarrassed by the Cardinal last year in the Big Dance, it’s the last thing I want to see. Then again, it might work to our advantage. Throughout the past couple days, players like Ryan Wittman, Louis Dale and Jeff Foote talked about how bad they felt about after last year’s season-ending loss. They felt that they let not only themselves down, but the entire Ivy League. Maybe that guy sitting right under the basket will be a little reminder and serve as motivation. But motivation won’t do it alone — here are some keys to a Red win.

1. Ball Control

A Little Color Commentary

So every year, there is one team that switches up their look for the NCAA Tournament and this year its Marquette. If you don’t see this on television right now, they are all pretty much bald. I guess that’s cool. It shows team unity, even though defense and passing would already indicate that but that’s fine. I did a video story about that as well which you guys will be able to check out later on as well. When I spoke to standout guard Jerel McNeal about his coach not shaving his head, he said “Don’t worry, he will be bald by Friday” … sure enough he is. Now, I am down with the team haircuts and all but if I’m the head coach, I’m keeping my full head of hair as long as I can.

Red Outlasted By Missouri in First Round of NCAA Tournament

BOISE, Idaho – Shots didn’t fall enough for the No. 14 seed Red as it was bounced out of the NCAA tournament by the No. 3 Missouri, 78-59 Friday afternoon. Going into halftime, the Red were only down by four after shooting 31 percent. Coming into the tournament as one of the better shooting teams, the Red seemed to be primed for an upset. Adjustments to the Red’s varying defenses and strong inside play eventually led to the Red’s loss. Tigers senior forward Leo Lyons led all scorers with 23 points and 10 rebounds. Senior DeMarre Carroll added 13 points, seven rebounds and five assists. Junior Ryan Wittman shook off a shaky first half to finish with 18 points.

Game Day

Its 7:47 in the morning over here in the great potato state and we are hours away from what could be an epic day in Cornell Athletics. Stay tuned here as I will be blogging live from Taco Bell Arena. Also check out under the Video tab as I will be posting videos from this whole experience. All right, time to prepare for a long day … Stay tuned.

M. Basketball Laces Up Its Dancing Shoes

Check back at for more live coverage of the men’s basketball team at the NCAA Tournament

BOISE, Idaho – The Red will look to etch its name in March Madness lore today later on this afternoon as it takes on No. 3 seed Missouri in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. The Red earned a 14-seed after winning the Ivy League’s automatic bid while Missouri stands as one of the top teams in the nation after winning the Big 12 conference tournament.

Can We Earn Home Court Advantage Too?

It’s been a media whirlwind in Boise Idaho … interview after interview, story after story and you guys will see what I am talking about in the next couple days. But right now, all eyes are on Taco Bell Arena. The Red will try and launch its name into March Madness lore with a win over Missouri.

But right now, I’m sitting courtside at the Marquette vs. Utah State game. Even though Marquette is a 6 seed and Utah State is an 11 seed, its clearly a home game for Utah State considering how close it is. I was predicting a Marquette win on my brackets but after seeing this, my opinion has to at least consider changing. For the Red’s sake, let’s home Utah State wins because if these fans stick around, they are cheering for the underdog and might give us that extra “umph” we need.