June 20, 2007

Former Iraqi High Tribunal Judge to be Law School Fellow

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Former chief investigative judge of the Iraqi High Tribunal, Judge Ra’id Juhi Hamadi Al-Saíedi, will be a fellow at the Law School this year, Cornell announced yesterday.
The Iraqi High Tribunal was set up to try people accused of crimes against humanity, including genocide, during the rule of Saddam Hussein from 1968 until the United States invaded in 2003. Juhi investigated cases, including those against Saddam and Muqtada al-Sadr, and served as the spokesperson for the High Tribunal.
Articles in The New York Times from the time of Saddam’s trial refer to Juhi as “the chief investigative judge of the tribunal.”
The University is undertaking certain security precautions for Juhi in conjunction with Cornell University Police and local, state and federal officials, according to a press release.
Juhi will be the Law School’s first Clarke Middle East Fellow. The Clarke Middle East Fund is part of the Clarke Center for International and Comparative Legal Studies at the Law School, which aims to connect scholars studying the Middle East.