August 27, 2007

City News

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New Testimony Postpones Sentencing in Murder Case
New testimony in the murder case of Calvin Harris has convinced a judge to consider the implications of that testimony had it been heard by a jury in early June.
Twelve jurors deliberated for less than four hours between June 6 and 7 before convicting Harris of murdering his wife Michele. Michele’s body and the murder weapon were never found.
Almost two months later, Kevin Tubbs has come forward to testify that he saw Michele Harris nearly six hours after she was supposedly murdered by her husband. The judge said he found the witness’ testimony “entirely credible,” according to The Ithaca Journal, and has postponed sentencing in the case indefinitely to decide whether the June 7 guilty verdict should be overturned.
Thousands Still Without Power After Thunderstorm
Thousands of residents in and around Ithaca were still without power yesterday after Saturday’s thunderstorm knocked down trees and power lines in the area.
Ithaca Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Dan Tier told The Ithaca Journal he received 20 calls between eight and ten in the morning for hazardous conditions including downed trees, power lines and poles. Bob Pass, regional community outreach and development manager for NYSEG, said yesterday that power was restored to 1,430 homes in Caroline and Brooktondale; 2,616 houses, though, were still waiting for electricity to come back online.