Committee Compares Integrity Code to Campuses Nationwide

Academic integrity is an issue prevalent at campuses across the country, and over the past semester it has come under increasing scrutiny at Cornell. Leading the initiative to reexamine Cornell’s current rules against cheating is the University Assembly’s Committee to Consider Academic Integrity, which hosted an open student forum yesterday afternoon to discuss Cornell’s current honor code and ways to model it after the honor systems at the University of Virginia and the University of Colorado.

MBA Grads Face Challenges During Economic Downturn

2008 has proven to be a nightmare of a year for recent MBA graduates across the country. As they prepare to graduate during one of the worst economic downturns of this decade, MBA students no longer have the luxury of choosing between multiple job offers and being courted by an even greater number of firms. As corporate America trims costs and adopts a more cautious recruiting stance, Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management has felt the effects.
“From talking to second year students, there were a smaller number of firms that came to recruit on campus, but several of my classmates got their jobs on their own by going off campus and talking to Johnson alumni there,” said Sergey Losyev MBA ’09.

Student Trustee Candidates Present Ideas

Graduate candidates for the Cornell Board of Trustees responded to important issues affecting the Cornell community yesterday at a forum co-sponsored by The Sun and the Trustee Nominating Committee of the Office of the Assemblies. Participating were Shawn Kong grad, Xiaoxiao Li grad, Whitney Patross law ’10 and Mike Walsh grad.

Cornell Reacts to Bear Stearns Downfall

On the evening of March. 16, Bear Stearns announced that it would sell itself to J.P. Morgan at a fire-sale price of $2 per share. Most Cornell students at that time were already at home and looking forward to spring break, but for the select few who accepted offers from Bear Stearns, it was a time filled with trepidation and uncertainty, with some even starting to look for new jobs.
“Several students have come [to Career Services] to understand how to navigate the waters during a time of uncertainty like this. I know there is at least one student from the hotel school, one student from ILR, and one student from CALS who have offers [from Bear] and have come in for advice,” said Rebecca Sparrow, director of Career Services.

S.A. Rejects Resolution 17

Over the past year, a wave of student violence has washed over college campuses across America, leaving dozens dead and thousands devastated. In response to these developments, members of the Student Assembly and the Cornell College Republicans sponsored Resolution 17 for concealed carry of weapons on campus, which failed to pass at yesterday’s S.A. meeting.
The resolution called for S.A. President C.J. Slicklen ’09 to ask the administration to do what it can to change New York State’s gun law.

Dean Charlie Walcott To Step Down in June

After five years as Dean of University Faculty, Charles Walcott Ph.D. ’59 will be concluding his term and retiring as a faculty member this June. This announcement will affect many of Cornell’s faculty and administration members who regard Walcott as a beloved member of the Cornell family.
“I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to work with Charlie over the duration of his deanship,” Provost Biddy Martin stated in an e-mail. “I admire his dedication, even-handedness and wisdom and believe he has served the faculty and the entire University extremely well.”

GPSA Examines Academic Integrity

Dean of University Faculty Charles Walcott Ph.D ’59 raised concerns over academic integrity at Cornell at the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly’s Council of Representatives yesterday afternoon in Clark Hall.

In 2008, S.A. Starts Afresh

The Student Assembly held its first meeting of the semester yesterday in the Straight. The session was presided over by newly elected President C.J. Slicklen ’09 who took office on Nov. 29 following the resignation of Elan Greenberg ’08.
Over his term, Slicklen hopes to significantly increase outreach between S.A. representatives and on- and off-campus communities. He additionally hopes to continue supporting changes enacted by Greenberg.

Cornell to Reduce Winter Energy Use

As fall transitions to winter in Ithaca, the weather becomes even worse and the temperature drops to obscene levels. Preventing Cornellians from freezing to death is Cornell’s Central Heating Plant, which provides copious amounts of heating every year. However, since last winter, several important changes have occurred on campus that will directly affect Cornell’s energy footprint this winter — the opening of new academic and residential buildings and President David Skorton’s pledge for sustainability at Cornell.

Recruiters Question Interview Skills of Cornell Job Candidates

“We regret to inform you that we are unable to extend you an offer…”
Each of us has read a letter starting with this dreaded sentence at one time or another, telling us how great of a person we are, but nevertheless implying our inadequacy in some way. For Cornell students looking for internships and full-time job offers, this experience might be more common than usual.
This is not to say that Cornell students are deprived of their fair share of internship and job offers on Wall Street. But concurrently, there has also been negative feedback from some recruiters on the interview performance of Cornell students. Specifically, recruiters voiced concern over students’ technical knowledge and communication skills.