August 30, 2007

Record Review: Tegan and Sara

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It’s always difficult for a musical artist to follow up their breakthrough album with an album that meets or even beats the previous one. Tegan & Sara’s 2004 release, So Jealous, was the album that brought these Canadian twin sisters their ultimate claim to fame. So, it seemed quite a challenge to produce a follow up that overcame that sort of musical enlightenment; however, their newest album, The Con, shows that Tegan & Sara truly know how to reinvent even the best of themselves.
The album constructs an eclectic array of songs, ranging from catchy alternative pop tracks like “Back in Your Head” and “Nineteen” to darker (yet still incredibly melodious) tracks like “Dark Come Soon” and “Call it Off.” And while So Jealous still sticks in most of Tegan & Sara’s fans’ minds as the best of their albums, The Con does an amazing job of proving them wrong.