April 3, 2008

Test Spin: De Novo Dahl

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Do you want to be happy? Then Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound! (Or at least listen to the album.) Take the advice given in the album’s first song and “Shout, shout, let all your feelings out!” or “Scream, scream, at the top of your lungs!”
The sophomore album by De Novo Dahl is fantastically cheerful and is a guaranteed upper. Imagine the voices of Columbia, Riff Raff, and Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show combining with the style of Rainbow Brite. These 13 tracks are a gloriously eclectic mix of fun that makes it hard for a listener to not move every muscle. Interestingly enough, De Novo Vahl, pop-music psychedelics who on occasion can be seen fashioning a hugely hipster get-up of matching red-and-yellow-striped outfits, are part of the new wave of non-country music coming out of Nashville, Tennessee. The Music City should be proud because De Novo Dahl have created an ear-pleasuring sound similar to the Flaming Lips — only a little less bizarre, a little more pop.