April 10, 2008

Bias Cut (4-10-08)

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Though Cornell did not defeat the Syracuse lacrosse team Tuesday night, CTB was not filled with sad faces after the game was over. In fact, the line for Sangria was rather lively for a weeknight. This might be evidence of the power of springtime, when the daily routine of running home in the cold and parking in front of the TV starts shifting towards “getting the hell outside.”
Some people clearly weren’t waiting for this memo to come from me, as College Avenue was quite the bustling scene on Sunday — filled with barbeque-goers and sunbathers.
For some of you, this is your last year celebrating the season as a Cornell student . The window on the “I was just a kid in college” excuse is narrowing, so take advantage while you still can! I do hope that you seniors savor this spring and I would suggest that if you are the type to have occasional “memory lapses,” then take plenty of pictures.
For those very pictures, let us try to avoid cringing at your college self ten years down the road by keeping in mind a few things when preparing yourself for the day. I know that getting dressed for Sunday Beer-B-Qs carries the extra difficulty of fighting Saturday night’s hangover, so I might even suggest laying out Sunday’s outfit before you go out the night before.
Whenever it is that you’re selecting your pieces for, I am here to offer a few words of advice. Your first move should be to go straight for those articles of clothing whose fabrics don’t easily stain. Old Ralph Lauren and Lacoste polos that have already lost their vibrant colors are also a good idea, so if stained, such a loss would not spark an anxiety attack.
Girls — old vintage tees can be cute, but if you do decide to wear one, try not to pair them with gym shorts or baggy bottoms. Now is the time to think separates. Bring out those shorts, skirts, and pants (preferably with vibrant colors or patterns). Turn those old vintage Louis Vuitton make-up cases into clutches and replace those worn-in flip flops with Jack Rogers or sandals and slides from Kate Spade or Loeffler Randall (Kate Spades are more price sensitive, but don’t get the ones with the flowers on them!).
If you want to be lazy but still look great, I’ll share with you my own secret —white pants with any top, including t-shirts, and great sunglasses. (Seriously, for whatever reason, no matter what else you’re wearing, people always seem to be impressed with white pants.)
Boys — I have new expectations for you. I have seen a fair share of straight men on campus recently that have shown moments of dapper brilliance in their attire, so there is no longer an excuse to wear your basketball/work out clothes to Sunday Funday activities.
Trade in your dirty t-shirts for polos, or clean, solid fitted t-shirts. Steer clear of the t-shirts with weird drawings on them or awkward sayings. You risk looking like a clueless guido.
So have a great weekend and don’t forget to bring a light cover-up hoody, cardigan, etc. — in case the party goes longer than intended.