Final Fashionable Goodbye

Two and a half years ago I was e-mailed asking if I wanted to write a fashion column for The Sun. After confirming that this was not, in fact, a joke — let me just say that I was incredibly flattered and excited. Visual aid for my reaction to the news; the moment when Kim MacAfee was chosen to kiss rock star Conrad Byrdie before he went off to war. If you didn’t have two sisters with “special” movie tastes growing up — that was from the 1963 film Bye Bye Birdie. For those of you who missed that classic film — think Cher, D and Murray “on the freeway,” but in a good way.

Last Call — Uggs Still Are NOT OK

So much has happened since we last conversed! I got kicked out of Girl Talk’s dressing room for drinking all of his beer (I NEVER DRINK BEER), some of you got on stage (where you might have made out with him) and, out of nowhere, there has even been an April snow flurry. Now the lack of real springtime weather may be getting you down (If so, I’m with you — did I mention I got kicked out of somewhere for drinking beer?), but let’s take a moment to think of the upcoming events that we have to be excited for: Slope Day, spring formals, sangria at CTB and for the class of 2009 — graduation!

Stunna Shades, Dark Hues and Old Flats

Although you might think drinking is meant for the wee hours of the night at hot spots like the Regent Lounge or Taverna Wine Bar (if you are feeling recession-proof), springtime on a college campus can quickly reverse your preconceived notions of the timing of drinking. Being a responsible college senior, or a member of any alcohol-friendly community, you must realize that day drinking is a wonderful part of adult life that was probably hidden from you as a child on non-football Sundays.

Class It Up, Tyra

Since you might not be buying new Trina Turk tops and Tory Burch sandals for spring break this year due to the recession or a yanked trip to Mexico, I am going to rant this week about America’s Next Top Model. Yes, this is a fashion column geared to the Cornell community, but I thought that in the spirit of vacation I’d take a break from ripping into the campus clothing mistakes. So this week, feel free to fake ’n bake or wear leggings inappropriately without risking a call out on your orange glow in print.

And the Award Goes to …

As most of you sat in the library studying for your prelims and finishing your homework assignments on Sunday night longing for that A to reward your efforts, our favorite celebrity friends gathered together to be applauded for their hard work at the 81st Annual Academy Awards Ceremony. Now, although not everyone was a winner like Kate Winslet or the cast that made Slum Dog Millionaire Best Picture, some presenters and guests shined more than others.

Seeing Red: Your Guide to Valentine's Fashion

Whether he is just not that into you or head over heels in love, it is important to look your best this Valentine’s Day. Let’s be honest, it is not like the second grade when everyone was forced to exchange valentines. Much to my dismay, Cupid has gotten pickier. So to help our little love matchmaker, it is important that we dress to impress this Saturday. No matter what you decide to do — whether a special dinner at Banfi’s, a night at a hotel, a weekend getaway to the city or a trip to Regal cinemas to see He’s Just Not that Into You — don’t forget to dress and gift with style.

Just Dress Like You’ve Been Rescued and Arrested!

I’d first like to say hello to all those people I haven’t complemented and/or blasted this fall in the Bias-Cut; it was a direct result of my absence this fall and I was just as unhappy as you were about it. Although I missed the gorge jumping weather, my return has given me a new appreciation for frostbite and those who sport Uggs on a daily basis. Although you UGG-ers refuse to put them away for me (despite my strong efforts and many pleads/insults), I did miss you and your choice of footwear.

Be Merry, Be Bright, But if You Wear Those Tassled Boots You’ll Ruin My Holiday

Never did I think the day would come when Hannah Montana would have a Christmas single, J. Crew would be expensive enough to replace Searle on 79th and Madison and that the prince charming I-banker I hoped for (with hair, been there on the bald side and not for me) would be likely unemployed. You may have already sensed my excitement over the recession deals and Saks “Black Friday”-ing before Thanksgiving in my previous article, but I have recently come to the realization that Hermès or Barney’s probably wont be hiring a lot of people to join their marketing team this spring. Although the deals might be excellent, being jobless might force me to miss out on them!

The Credit Crisis' Silver Lining? Super Duper Shopping Bargains!

So it’s hard to avoid all the chatter about the economy crashing and Americans “cutting back.” I want to take a moment to remind you, though, that keeping a budget doesn’t have to mean looking like you picked your outfit out of a storage box from seventh grade and are trying to call it “vintage.” Sample sales, trunk shows and various store / online promotions are the silver lining of this troubled economic time! So let’s work on turning you into a more savvy, cost-conscious shopper in order to keep your stellar style on track.
Wait, did I forget to mention that you can bargain hunt while being social?! Currently I’m on the board of Fashion For Action, a charity event, basically a large sample sale and party that raises money for Housing Works.

Step Up Those Halloween Costumes: Martin’s ’Tude Is Back in Business

For the past couple of columns I have maintained my trademark levels of honesty, telling you all how I continue to miss you like the desert misses the rain, and even sharing the occasional pangs of jealousy as I envision the rest of you bar-side and tabletop at Johnny O’s. Perhaps due in part to the distraction of Cornell nostalgia as I sit down to write each week, there has been a certain lack of spirit finger touch in this autumn’s set of columns.