October 9, 2008

With My Fabulous Fall Fashion Guide, You Have No Excuse to Dress Poorly

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First, I would like to express my excitement for the wonderful month of October. If you aren’t as excited as I am, I’d like to bring up a few things that just might persuade you to share my feelings: Fall Break, Sweater/blazer weather (well at least in New York) and a holiday that might be the most entertaining of the year, Halloween. So to give you a helping hand from a faraway place, let us address these October occurrences and how you can look your best.
Since the weather is consistently cooler during this autumn month, it is time to pull out those sweaters and blazers. Some of you may be familiar with the funnel neck sweaters debuted by Marc Jacobs. These fall pieces make one look stylish while maintaining a level of comfort and simplicity. Although I know most Cornellians live in Juicy rabbit fur zip ups, take your comfort zone up a notch for your break. The streets of New York, Chicago, Boston or wherever you might be headed might not be as lenient as those of Dryden or Stewart Avenues. Funnel neck sweaters are a great supplement to your wardrobe. They can be dressed up into a nice dinner outfit, or thrown on for that morning walk to cure your hangover at Cafeteria.
Another alternative I recently spotted on the street was a cute black blazer (not too fitted, boyish is in) accessorized with a red crocodile belt. Which brings me to recommendation three: belts are still all the rave this fall, but replace the larger than life ones with skinny belts. I guess sometimes less really is more. Also, sleeveless blazers and jackets are a great Fall 2008 trend. If you also happen to be a fan, Topshop has an excellent sleeveless blazer for an affordable price.
Plaid is also in this fall, and a great way to add a little color and life to a simple jean and sweater ensemble. Elle is calling Fall 2008, “Plaid about you!” How clever. And if plaid isn’t your forte, think Purple. It is doing extremely well this season and it has the Martin Stamp of Approval. The best purple bags “spotted” this season belong to designers Chanel and Prada, and they are looking fabulous.
Skinny jeans and wide-leg jeans don’t seem to be heading out soon, but wearing the right fade is key this fall. Darker fades and black treated jeans are very in right now, an exciting new edition that doesn’t demand you to retire all previous purchased denim. So use these guidelines to look fabulous this fall break. Aim to please me.
And before next edition’s Halloween costume column, please try to think original. The sexy nurse and Minnie Mouse must be retired. My previous Baby Dinosaur, Nicole R(B)ichie and slutty pumpkin costumers are up for grab if anyone is out of ideas.
And please, when trying to look like a cheap $2 hooker, remember it should be funny first and sexy last. Trying too hard isn’t flattering.
So pack your bags wisely and swipe that plastic for only the Fall 2008 must-haves. When Wall Street is falling, it isn’t the time to be too frivolous. Hope to bump into you on Manhattan’s streets this break. Who knows, we might just be spotted together.

Martin Ambrose is a senior in the College of Hotel Administration. His many thoughts on plaid, purple and plastic spending appear alternate Thursdays.