November 20, 2008

Kaiser Chiefs: Off With Their Heads

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Any band that attempts to be part rock, part punk and part indie takes the risk of being seen as a sad mishmash of random sounds. The Kaiser Chiefs manage to generally avoid this pigeon-hole with their new album, Off With Their Heads. The most notable aspect of the album, in fact, is its unpredictability. Some tracks, such as “Remember You’re a Girl” and “Tomato in the Rain” are the mellow, perfect-for-listening-to-while-doing-homework type. Others, like “Can’t Say What I Mean” and “Half the Truth,” make you want to blast the volume and start brushing up on your head banging skills.
Unfortunately, some of the album’s lyrics are fairly idiotic, as the band claims in the track “Never Miss a Beat” that “It’s cool to know nothing” (what does that mean?!). This is not to say, though, that it is not worth giving the Chiefs a chance before you decide to cut off their heads. You’re at least guaranteed not to be bored.