December 4, 2008

Be Merry, Be Bright, But if You Wear Those Tassled Boots You’ll Ruin My Holiday

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Never did I think the day would come when Hannah Montana would have a Christmas single, J. Crew would be expensive enough to replace Searle on 79th and Madison and that the prince charming I-banker I hoped for (with hair, been there on the bald side and not for me) would be likely unemployed. You may have already sensed my excitement over the recession deals and Saks “Black Friday”-ing before Thanksgiving in my previous article, but I have recently come to the realization that Hermès or Barney’s probably wont be hiring a lot of people to join their marketing team this spring. Although the deals might be excellent, being jobless might force me to miss out on them! Despite the reasons (and I know there are plenty) to let yourself get down, let’s focus on my return this January (I know you’re excited!) and mistletoe.
So to forget those awful headlines hitting the pages of the Wall Street Journal let’s think about one of the biggest perks of the winter holiday season, the holiday party. How could one not love a holiday party? There is mistletoe, sometimes gifts and a whole lot of free booze. So to help bring cheer to your holiday party, here are some suggestions on what to wear.
If you want class to be your act this holiday, it is important to think dark and fun when it comes to your ensemble. Silk&Satin dresses seems to be one of the most popular items this holiday or really every December holiday. has an excellent array of holiday apparel under trends “Be Merry and Bright” (love the title and remember that this is one of those random times of the year when it is okay to be as bright as the ornaments on your tree).
From the holiday collection, the Lela Rose’s Racer Black Tank Dress seems to capture the essence of fun, flirty and sequins at a price that is unbeatable, I mean … unaffordable. Now I am sure very few people will be wearing that dress this holiday, but there are many stores in the malls of America that will have ones just like it. I’d tell you which ones, but I just don’t do malls that often. Although maroon is very popular during the winter holiday season, purple is key for Christmas ’08. A few Shop Bop illustrations of this holiday’s purple is Cynthia Vincent’s Twelfth dress, Mint Jodi Arnold’s Strapless Rose Dress and Madison Marcus’s Verve Blouse. If dresses aren’t you forte or you want to keep your legs warm, I highly suggest blouses like Madison Marcus’s Verve Blouse not only because of its color, because of the flow and Velvet’s Emella Top.
Let’s also never forget the little black dress. Since many holiday parties are formal the little black dress is a must. Accessorizing your little black dress is crucial to make it festive. Mink stoles, Christian Louboutin’s with the hint of red on their soles, or just red shoes would do the trick. Colored stones and headbands are also an easy way to make any outfit look “holiday.” Black knee high boots are also a good solution to make your LBD a little more casual, if that’s what you are in the mood for.
So take a peek at a few of my examples and remember, tasseled boots have no place at our holiday parties. Or really anywhere north of Texas. Also, lighter is better for New Year’s, the colors of Christmas end around December 29th. So bundle up and look fabulous this holiday, and good luck with the tacky Christmas sweater I refuse to support. See you soon!

Martin Ambrose is a senior in the College of Hotel Administration. He can be reached at [email protected]. The Bias Cut appeared alternate Thursdays in Daze this semester.