February 10, 2009

Seeing Red: Your Guide to Valentine's Fashion

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Whether he is just not that into you or head over heels in love, it is important to look your best this Valentine’s Day. Let’s be honest, it is not like the second grade when everyone was forced to exchange valentines. Much to my dismay, Cupid has gotten pickier. So to help our little love matchmaker, it is important that we dress to impress this Saturday. No matter what you decide to do — whether a special dinner at Banfi’s, a night at a hotel, a weekend getaway to the city or a trip to Regal cinemas to see He’s Just Not that Into You — don’t forget to dress and gift with style.
As many of you go through your closets this week and try to find something festive, and probably something red, it is important to acknowledge that many shades of red are out there and that not all are for you. There is berry red, cherry red, primary red, dark red, crimson red and all have different effects on your skin tone. So my first recommendation is to try on as many shades as possible until you find the right one for your complexion.
If you want to make a strong and bold statement with red on Saturday, tone everything else down. If it is the LRD (little red dress, so the new LBD) that your heart has coveted (well, besides the boy) it should not be paired with a bunch of red accessories. I would recommend grey, beige and other neutral colors (or the classic and easy choice of black). Other great alternatives for incorporating red into your ensemble while not limiting yourself are a red coat (which will certainly make a good first impression) or a red skirt (sexy but not too short).
If you want to add that spark of red without red apparel, wear a belt, bag, shoes or an item of red jewelry (it doesn’t have to scream “bling” like Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman, but there should be no sign of Claire’s accessories). A simple blue dress with a red belt is a great sophisticated alternative to a black dress! Christian Louboutin heels with The red soles are also very powerful and sexy. It doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard, but it does show you care to the discerning eye.
Gift giving — the emphasis on red is not as important as people think. Red roses are excellent, but try to know your significant other’s favorite flower — it makes a general holiday seem much more personal and memorable, so show them you care! Also, diamond’s shine even if the sun doesn’t!
So to everyone who has a date this V-day, have fun! Otherwise, join me for the red colored providence cocktails at Stella’s!

This week’s side notes:

1. If you’re wearing a baggy sweatshirt (or if the length is longer than usual) do not mix and match it with loose fitting pants — you look like a balloon and a slob!
2. Also, almost all Collegetown bars are are holes-in-the-wall, but no, not even on a Wednesday night are you allowed to layer flowered print and ripped thermal shirts and pair them with leggings — you’re not Josie-Grossie anymore!