March 10, 2010

Pre-Spring Break Eavesdroppings

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Alien Ambition

Athletic Girl (doing pushups): This would be so easy if I was in Avatar!

— Barton Hall

Didn’t Quite SEAL the Deal

Trivia Announcer Guy: What is the fastest marine mammal?

Contestant: Is it “barracuda”?

— Ruloff’s (Sunday Night Trivia)

Bird is the Word

Frustrated Egyptology Student: There’s a random bird hanging out in the middle of the sentence and I have no idea what it’s doing.

— Collegetown

The Game’s Afoot

Competitive Chick: Whoever hooks up with him gets a peanut butter brownie from Manndible, and that is fucking worth it.

— Eddy Street

Don’t Tell Her to Roll Over, Either

Knowledgeable Girl: I don’t think you get a girl by petting her like a dog.

— Dryden Road

Holding Yourself In High Esteem

Classy Co-ed: Like, I’m in ILR … don’t tell me about being retarded.

— Drunk Bus to North

Original Author: Jessica Stitt