April 21, 2010

Earth Day Eavesdroppings

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Ivy League Idiosyncrasies

Asian Enginerd:  All you have to do is tell a girl you’re taking 26 credits and she’s all over you!

— Oakenshield’s

PILLow Talk

Infected Fellow: Oh, God dammit. There’s my herpes medication.

— Hans Bethe House

Tenured and Housebroken!

Girl 1:I had my professor do [my problem] for me. He’s like my pet professor.

Girl 2: I want a pet professor! One who I won’t have to put out for.

— Catherwood Library

Slippery Slope

Bathroom Broad 1: You know what takes a lot of work to think about but when you finally get inside it feels good?

Bathroom Broad 2: [Long pause] What are you talking about?!

BB1: A shower!

— Carpenter Library

Almost Famous

Indian Kid (on cell phone, walking briskly): So she basically referred to me as Borat’s retarded cousin …

— Duffield

Salivating Over Books

Locker Room Lady: I don’t think I drool in my sleep except when I sleep in the library.

— Teagle

Knocked Outta the Park

Sports Fan Girl: I love you, but … you’re standing in front of the Yankees!  Move!

— Collegetown

Anatomically Correct Movies

Neuro Nerd-ette: You have to see this — it’s the best biological animation you’ll ever see.

Rayban-clad Gentleman: Is it better than porn? Because that’s pretty good “biological animation!”

— North Campus

Original Author: Jessica Stitt