September 15, 2010

Survivor Recap: New Tides

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Two groups of people walk in together and assume that they are tribemates. First impressions are already made and the two “tribes” prepare to compete against each other in the first impromptu challenge for a secret power. They have to search for a medallion in the forest, which is hidden at the top of a tree. Brenda shows her athletic prowess in climbing and claims the medallion. As her “tribe” begins to rejoice, they are hit with a GRENADE. They were never assigned real tribes and divided up by age. All people over the age of 40 were put on Espada and those under 30 were put on La Flor.

With Brenda being on La Flor, she brings the power of the medallion with her. But, La Flor can either take the mystery power or take flint and fishing gear, which they end up deciding to pick the flint and fishing gear. The tribes then depart for their new homes.

One notable event is that almost everyone recognizes Jimmy J as the famous NFL Miami Dolphins’ head coach, leading to an immediate target on his back. He tries to quell his tribemates’ fears that he will win the million dollars by saying that he does not want to win the money, but he doesn’t really convince anyone. The first informal alliance is made between Holly and Wendy. The major breakthrough for Espada is when Jane makes the first fire, using only a pair of glasses. This establishes her as one of the main tribe contributors.

At La Flor, Jed becomes the running joke of the tribe seeing as everyone thinks that he is a dumb blonde and calls him “Fabio“. Shannon and Chase make an alpha male alliance, since they know that they will be early targets if the tribe loses. Also, Kelly B reveals to everyone that she has a prosthetic leg, leading for her to be possibly the biggest target because they don’t believe she can handle the physical aspects of Survivor and if she can, then she will be a shoe-in to win the finals due to the sympathy vote. Brenda establishes herself as the tribe flirt and already pulls Chase in with her charming personality and good looks. I can see her being a very strong adversary, similar to Parvati from last season. While walking through the forest together, Kelly B and Alina find the hidden immunity idol clues and decide not to tell the tribe. There is a possibility of an alliance, but Alina is not really interested in aligning with Kelly.

This week’s immunity challenge is directing water down a set of sewer chutes into a large bucket that will drop when full enough to give the tribes a set of puzzle pieces. When assembled, these puzzle pieces will reveal their tribe logo. A twist occurs when Jeff reveals that the medallion will give the tribe in possession of it an opportunity to gain a large advantage in any immunity challenge. Espada decides not to use the power. As the challenge starts, both tribes are neck-and-neck and start the puzzle at around the same time. But, La Flor begins to pull away and eventually comes away with the win.

Back at Espada after the disappointing defeat, no one wants to step up as tribe leader and try to get a specific person out, but everyone seems to agree that the weakest person should go. Many people deliberate and seem to settle on either Wendy or Jimmy J. Even Jimmy J acknowledges that he is one of the weaker players, which is not the best thing to do.

***SPOILER ALERT*** {Don’t read past this if you don’t want to know who gets out!}

At tribal council, many tribe members feel that they may be voted out, including Wendy. She makes a last stitch effort to save herself by saying revealing her true personality of being extremely outgoing and loud, which seals her fate.

Wendy is the first person voted out by a vote of 9 – 1!

(Wendy voted for Yve)

Original Author: Michael Verini