November 9, 2010

Off the Grid: Halloween Edition

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Ryan Anthony


Men’s Heavyweight Rowing


Mantua, N.J.

Harrison Warren



Fly Half

Buffalo, N.Y.

Mike Murphy


Track & Field


Hingham, Mass.

Kevan Zadeh


Men’s Heavyweight Rowing

Weston, Mass.

1. Scariest scary movie …

Ryan: Toss up between Dear John and A Walk To Remember

Harry: The Relic (1997), at least it was when I saw it

Mike: Dont watch them, but would have to say The Ring as the only one I’ve seen

Kevan: Chocolat

2. Fall is great because …

Ryan: Copious amount of apple cider

Harry: It leads into winter

Mike: It’s not winter … yet

Kevan: Ithaca is the best at it

3. _____ was my best costume of Halloweens past.

Ryan: Female Tooth Fairy

Harry: Father Baker (look him up on Wikipedia)

Mike: A Ginger Ninja, duh

Kevan: Sonic the hedgehog

4. Candy I still want …

Ryan: Nothing can trump a Reese’s Big Cup

Harry: Reeses

Mike: Eye-candy

Kevan: Twizzlers

5. The most overdone costume every year is …

Ryan: Intentionally scandalous female cop

Harry: Waldo (though I was told, erroneously, that it would be an avatar this year)

Mike: Slutty Nurses and Cops

Kevan: Lightly clothed nurse

6. My favorite thing about Cornell thus far …

Ryan: Gorgeous student body campus

Harry: The people

Mike: DC++

Kevan: Last year’s basketball games

7. _____ cracks me up.

Ryan: Soulja Boy Tell’ Em

Harry: (teammate) Maxim Schuler

Mike: Pterodactyl Porn

Kevan: MrChiCity

8. People say i look like …

Ryan: No brainer, Yao Ming

Harry: Sideshow Bob

Mike: A Giant Leprachaun

Kevan: Paul Pierce (get that one a lot)

9. The most overated actor out there is _____.

Ryan: Nicholas “I Get Exponentially Worse In Every Movie” Cage

Harry: Colin Farrell

Mike: Asian kid from The Grudge

Kevan: Keanu Reaves

10. Club on campus I should be in …

Ryan: Underwater Hockey Club

Harry: Impact Dance Troupe

Mike: Democrats … NAHT

Kevan: Poetry

Original Author: Chyanne Eyde