December 13, 2010

30 Rock Recap: Happy Holidays Is What Terrorists Say

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Before I initiate this recap blog, I must plead to the brilliant producers of 30 Rock: Cast Jessica Walter.  As Lucille Bluth on Arrested Development, she created one of the funniest, outrageous, and memorable sitcom characters in the history of television.   Her delivery is clearly the inspiration to Jack’s girlfriend, Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks), who is a terrific guest star (did you see her throw her purse at Liz, and then Jack’s maid?).  I cast my vote for the mother of Buster, Michael, Gob and Lindsay to appear as Jack’s future in-law.  Would it be too much to ask her him to zip up her dress at least once?  Will Arnett (who played Gob on Arrested Development) has already made the seamless transition to 30 Rock.   Let’s see more of them.  And Portia de Rossi should be cast as Jenna’s sister.

This week’s Christmas-themed episode was a fresh spin on the Donaghy family, a celebration that included Avery and his recently discovered father (played by Alan Alda).  The family scene in the hospital together provided some nice closure to Jack Donaghy’s initial character arch.  The pilot presented a single, lonely executive suffering from daddy issues.  Jack finally learned two seasons ago that his father was a liberal, hippie professor from Vermont and organized a fundraiser for him to receive a kidney, and now, he enjoys the image of his two parents, together, scolding him.Meanwhile, Tracy learns that what he loves more than anything is to make people laugh, despite the newfound attention he has received from his role in Hard To Watch (a role in which his mother exploded and was forced to use a football as a toilet).  Jenna reconnected with Paul, after they mutually decided to dress up as “The Black Swan” for the New Queers Eve bash (she in blackface as Lynn Swan, he as Natalie Portman in her new film, Black Swan).   Alas, all is right in the universe.

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Original Author: Scott Eidler