September 30, 2012

The Dome Guy on Hippie Hill

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Be here now — that’s how John Lennon described the feeling of living in the roaring ’60s.  Dressed sharply in a dark suit and venerable spectacles, Buckminster Fuller did not strike one as a hippie. But sitting amid a gathering of hippies on Hippie Hill in San Francisco, Fuller was, very clearly, their “dome guy.” A prolific inventor, whose portfolio ranged from cars to words, Fuller — subject of The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller, presented by director Sam Green at Willard Straight Theater Saturday night — conceived of the geodesic dome as the most efficient form of enclosure. As an apostle of sustainability, Fuller was at least 40 years ahead of his time. Alongside the economist Kenneth Boulding, Fuller popularized the notion of “spaceship earth” in the late ’60s. Intelligent design, Fuller theorized, was a means to world peace. If resources could be fairly shared, countries would stop fighting over them.

Original Author: Daveen Koh