February 6, 2014

11 Ways Your Second Semester Is Better Than First

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By Ruth Weissmann

1. No Move-in Day. Most of you lived here last semester, so you already know that the keyhole needs a little rage-twisting to unlock and how to deal with the inhabitants of the apartment above you that play frequent games of floor hockey.

2. It’s already winter. Not that it’s getting warmer anytime soon, but at least you have spring and the promise of shorts weather in the future. We were beginning to think Ithaca didn’t have a sun.

3. Spring Break. A school vacation that doesn’t surround a holiday/family obligation is a miracle in everyone’s book.

4. Catching up on your Instagram. Snapping some pics of the snowy, whitewashed Cornell campus in all its negative-temperature glory can make for some great social media. Cornellstagram is gorges.

5. New classes, new people. Despite that one crazy professor we all have who doesn’t fall under this rule, new classes generally mean an opportunity to meet new people. Specifically cute new people.

6. Slope day (feat. TDB). Get those neon tanks tops ready, because Slope Day is your motivation for pulling through this semester. See also: Dragon Day.

7. New Year’s Resolutions. Not yours, but those of the newbies at the gym. They will only be there for a few weeks, yes, but they provide a great self-esteem boost and even a lil’ confidence in your treadmill capabilities.

8. Your Big Red Bucks are back up. Time to make a quick stop at the Terrace salad bar, because you’re flush with cash and all out of your emergency cookie supply.

9. New Member period. Even if you aren’t part of Greek Life, this means that nightlife activities are on the increase across campus. Hello, Crush Parties.

10. Spring Sports. Let’s face it, football isn’t always the most exciting sport to watch. Not to mention you won’t be slogging through a blizzard to get to the lacrosse games.

11. 2014. It’s a new year with new and improved features, and you’re one year closer to the rest of your life! Plus you’ve put another year between you and that awkward middle school phase, so that can’t be bad either.