April 17, 2014

Cornellians Take Control of Student Assembly Meeting

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Shortly before the 45th Anniversary of the Willard Straight Takeover, student activists calling themselves the Ad Hoc Committee for Student Democracy took control of the regularly-scheduled Student Assembly meeting Thursday.

President David Skorton and Susan Murphy ’73 Ph.D. ’94, vice president of Student and Academic Services, were set to deliver their bi-semesterly address at this meeting; however, the entirety of the meeting, including the majority of the administrators’ 30-minute speaking time, was yielded to the Ad Hoc Assembly.

Formed in response to the S.A.’s decision to indefinitely table Resolution 72 — which called for divestment from “companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of Palestine” — at last week’s S.A. meeting, the Ad Hoc Assembly was comprised of students from across campus who demanded the S.A. remain accountable to its stated purpose of protecting the interests of the student body.

(Students congregate in Willard Straight Hall to interrupt the Student Assembly’s scheduled agenda Thursday. (Rula Saeed / Sun Staff Photographer)