September 12, 2016

Ithaca Police Department Renews Call For Video Evidence in Homicide Case

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Ithaca Police Department Deputy Chief Vince Monticello confirmed in an email Monday that police are still accepting videos that could illuminate the details of the fatal stabbing of Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire on Cornell’s campus on Aug. 28.

“Crucial video evidence has been submitted to IPD already, and investigators are confident that more videos exist but have not been submitted as of yet,” Monticello said in an IPD statement.

However, despite the IPD’s acknowledgement that they have received “crucial evidence,” the department has yet to name a suspect or release any new information about the incident to the public.

Monticello added that all types of videos — including Snapchat and iPhone videos — could help close the investigation and stressed that any individual who submits evidence about the crime may remain anonymous.

Police Chief John Barber also called on people to contact IPD if they were in the area on the night of the stabbing, even if they do not believe they were in any way related to the incident.

“Perhaps you saw something trivial or inconsequential, but to our investigators it might just be that one piece of key evidence that helps to sort out just exactly what happened,” Barber said in the release.

Many Cornellians and parents have expressed frustration with the investigation’s lack of public progress in recent weeks.