February 27, 2019

FROM THE EDITOR: Once More Unto the Breach

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To fully describe my past year at The Sun would require more space and more profanity than I am comfortable with or able to use here. All of the stresses and pressures of doing good journalism, the late nights, emotional stories, unforgiving deadlines and a critical readership, are compounded infinitely for student journalists. We live with, eat with, sleep with and study with the very subjects of our reporting — there is no escape for us from this paper’s impact — all while balancing our responsibilities as full-time students at a university not known for its easiness. It is enough to try even the most seasoned practitioners.

But I cannot imagine a group of students handling those challenges with more grace, poise and talent than the members of the 136th Editorial Board. Everything The Sun has produced over the past year is a testament to their indefatigability. From our coverage of breaking news like the Max Reynolds case, to deeply reported features like our look at hotel school diversity, to the launch of our iPhone app and so much more, 136 has proven themselves over and over again to be worthy of the great responsibility The Sun carries. There are things I will not miss about The Sun; but I will most certainly miss the time spent with each and every one of the people who comprised this extraordinary team. To the 136th, I am more proud of you than can be put into words.

Our work is not yet done. Now more than ever, journalism stands as the most integral of public services. An informed populace is the foundation of stable society, and in this time of uncertainty and mistrust we cannot tire in our mission to ensure that Cornell has access to the best possible reporting on the issues of the day. Everything I have seen over the last six weeks leaves me confident that the incoming editors of the 137th board are ready to take on this mission with more than enough passion and ability. I am excited to see what they do with their turn at the helm.

It will not be easy — it never is. But the job is of the utmost importance, and I know the 137s will overcome whatever obstacles they may face. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

In independence,