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After technical difficulties and an extended voting period, the 2021 Student Election results are out.

May 6, 2021

Student Assembly Elects New Slate of Representatives; Presidential Race Remains Contested

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After technical difficulties and an extended voting period, the Student Assembly has elected a new slate of representatives — though the S.A. president seat remains unconfirmed.

Challenges are ongoing for the S.A. president race, according to Patrick Mehler ’23, director of elections. Valentina Xu ’22, Zion Sherin ’23 and Anuli Ononye ’22 ran for the presidential seat.

Five days after most of the S.A. results were announced, the assembly confirmed Tuesday evening that Nicole Overton ’23 won the seat for the School of Industrial and Labor Relations with 224 votes over Frank Lexa’s ’23 112. 

Candidates involved with still active challenges can submit requests for reconsideration within 24 hours to the elections committee. If the elections committee votes again to disqualify the challenged candidate, they have a 24-hour window to submit appeal materials to the judicial codes counselor, the Office of Assemblies and the director of elections that detail failures of the elections committee to enforce the election rules.  

The Student Assembly announced Thursday afternoon that Jenniviv Bansah ’23 won the executive vice president seat with 1,473 votes. Candidate Morgan Baker ’23 will take the seat of undesignated representative at-large, as the second place executive vice president candidate. Baker received 1,332 votes and Krinal Thakkar ’23 was eliminated after receiving 375 votes during the first round.  

The two directly elected undesignated representative at-large positions went to Lucas Smith ’22 and Deepak Ilango ’22, who won the seats with 866 and 670 votes each. The other three candidates in the race were Paula Blanco ’24, James Lepone ’22 and Benjamin Luckow ’24.  The last undesignated representative at-large seat remains open and will go to the candidate who takes second place in the presidential race. 

Several of the college representative races were uncontested. Representative seats for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences went to Yanenowi Logan ’24 and Adele Williams ’24. Paine Gronemeyer ’24 will fill the seat for College of Architecture, Art and Planning representative. The two College of Engineering seats went to Annette Gleiberman ’22 and Niki Reddy ’23. Claire Tempelman ’24 won the College of Human Ecology seat while Esther Bentolila ’22 won the seat for the School of Hotel Administration. 

The College of Arts and Sciences seats will go to Claudia Leon ’23, Joseph Mullen ’24 and Everest Yan ’22, who won out of a four-candidate race. Leon, Mullen and Yan won 503, 482 and 431 votes respectively, while Logan Morales ’22 garnered 429. 

Kate Santacruz ’22 won the Dyson School of Applied Economics representative seat with 128 votes, while Angelique Peregrina ’23 lost with 73. 

International students liaison at-large representative went to JohnJohn Jiang ’22. Four candidates ran for the two minority students liaison at-large representative seats, which went to Mannayah Louis ’24 and Henry Wade ’23. The womxn’s issues at-large representative went uncontested to Amari Lampert ’24. Dillon Eisman ’22 won the LGBTQIA+ liaison at-large representative seat with 1,440 votes, while Beck Kerdman ’24 earned 1,089 votes. 

Valeria Valencia ’23 won the first-generation college students liaison at-large representative with 1,396 votes out of a three-candidate race. Rory Sheppard ’23 earned 1,033 votes, and Ariella Hajibay-Piranesi ’24 earned 275. Duncan Cady ’23 won the students with disabilities representative seat with 1,297 votes, while Raquel Zohar ’23 earned 1,222 votes.  

The two seats for undergraduate representative to the University Assembly went to Jacob Feit ’22 and Lesly Zhicay ’23, who won with 946 and 640 votes, respectively, while Trevor Bacchi ’22 earned 619. 

The freshman and transfer representative positions remain the same from the fall election.

Update, May 11, 6:05 p.m.: This story has been updated to include the results for the School of Industrial and Labor Relations representative election.