September 6, 2023

SEX ON THURSDAY | Being Risquée and Public Play

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I can’t host, and probably neither can you — that’s every other Grindr profile on campus. We have all struggled with not having a private place before, one necessary to do the “deed,” but why let that stop you? I have not. The backseat of a car, a building’s staircase, a public bathroom, a hot tub, you name it. I probably have done it there too. 

Being in college makes this struggle easier for some and harder for others. Sure, being in a single room is technically having a place. However, if you have the same luck as I do, your friend one room over will be listening all about it. And I choose not to constantly relive the experience of him asking me to “tone it down a little bit next time.”

However inconvenient it might be, sometimes public play can be fun. It is spontaneous — most of the time —and can really get your blood pumping (literally). Either on the way back from a party, or a quick exchange in public with a mutual understanding of where it’s going. 

There’s very little exchange of words, and everything is so rushed and you are not thinking. Sometimes there’s no kissing, you just don’t have that kind of time. But it is so accelerating, your heart is pounding from both getting hot and heavy and the imminent threat of someone walking by, listening to the muffled noises you’re trying not to make. 

It is best to do it at night, it just adds a bit of mystery to it. Likewise,  it would be much more awkward if you could see each other’s pants half off while holding them with one hand in case you have to run away together —and then have a laugh about it.  

I have engaged in my fair share of risquée activities, maybe a bit too much if you ask anyone else, but I have never gotten caught. That doesn’t take away from the thrill though, it just makes you want to push your luck a little bit more.

If you ask me, I would say Ithaca is probably the best place to let your imagination run wild. This so-called “city” is built like every cruiser’s dream. I mean, what would be a more ideal location? We are, in fact, surrounded by the woods. There are not that many people in Ithaca, we know this, and the Commons is not particularly busy with all its alleys and dark corners. 

Now you might be wondering how safe it is to let it all out. The short answer is, it depends on who catches you in the act. 

According to New York state law: Public lewdness is a class B misdemeanor. Meaning it will get you in trouble if a cop is walking by, up to 90 days in jail and one year on probation, to be precise. 

You might want to proceed with caution before you jump right in. It is not only the cops who could catch you, but maybe someone you know. And yes, that happened to me once. Suffice to say, I decided never to talk to that person again. 

This should go without saying, but just make sure everything is clean. Or at least have tissues handy. Cleaning messes outdoors is a whole new level of complexity. Otherwise you might have to walk around with a dried cum stain, not great for when you have plans later.

While I have not done it in a long time, public play will always bring some memories of the most questionable, but exciting decisions I have ever made. So dear reader: I encourage you to try and feel the breeze on your skin — and a bit more than just a breeze. 

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