SEX ON THURSDAY | PreP and the Raw Play Epidemic

All the Grindr profiles in a 20-mile radius seem to be exact copies of each other: ‘bb only,’ ‘raw’ or ‘neg on PreP’ overwhelm every other bio description. Most people are getting around with literally nothing between them. 

SEX ON THURSDAY | F*ck First Dates

While most of you make plans to meet up with your matches, be sure to leave your room — and your holes and poles — nice and clean in case your date wants to go back home with you.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Strike a Pose

I became over-fixated with my body; taking pictures of my body showed me how beautifully it changed over time. With every picture, I became a creative mastermind obsessed with improving from my previous attempts.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Between Two Cocks and a Hard Place

I know group play gets a bad reputation from corny middle-age comedies and bad rom-coms. Don’t knock it off just yet though. I have always had good experiences while “playing” with others. It is just an organic process where everyone can have a lick.