April 11, 2024

SEX ON THURSDAY | I Went to a Bathhouse and I Liked It

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Dim lights, rising steam and warm air permeating the room. Everyone was just wearing a towel, including me, and I did not mind the sudden attention I was getting one bit. I had found a new liking for bathhouses. 

Onsen, saunas or geysers, whatever you want to call them, bathhouses have existed for quite a long time. Many cultures historically experienced the art of “bathing” or “sweating” as a group of people for multiple reasons including regular showering. 

Bathhouses were eventually adopted by gay men as a place for gay men to gather, and allowed for a safe space where they could practice sex in a private space with discretion. 

The idea of a space where there are a lot of guys looking to get hot and heavy did sound very appealing to me, but I never found the right time to visit one back home. But I recently got my wish; I ventured out into the unknown lands of a bathhouse a couple weeks ago a short drive away from Ithaca and I am finally ready to tell you all about it. 

The first time I went with a friend; I thought it would be a good idea not to head there alone in case I immediately regretted my decision. I won’t divulge the details about the bathhouse — I am not about to do a free promo or incriminate myself — but we had to do a fair amount of driving to get there.  

When we finally made it, we were greeted at the entrance by a staff member who turned out to be the owner (quite a friendly silver fox). He asked if it was our first time there and proceeded to explain all the logistics: you could either get a room or a locker, so we got one of each to check them out. The lockers are just what you would expect: typical gym lockers, spacious enough to fit all your clothes and shoes. The rooms varied in size but they had twin style beds and looked more like cubicles — which makes sense since most people don’t spend much time in there. 

He gave us our towels and flip flops after our little “tour” was over. It was go time. I roamed around the establishment for a bit, checking out the dry and wet saunas, the common areas and the “playroom”. It was a little dim but you could still see, and the sauna areas were actually quite clean. The common room was playing some adult entertainment and had seats where people could watch — and some more.The playroom, well, it even had a sling to mount and let others “swing” you around. 

I didn’t feel as frisky as I expected when I first got there. It didn’t help that the bathhouse wasn’t as populated in the early evening, but as time went on more and more guys started to come in. The crowd was very diverse and had something for everyone, but it did skew slightly older — which for my fellow Lana enjoyers might not be a real problem. In terms of interactions it really is what you make of it. Some guys will just mind their own business and sit in the sauna for a while, some will start a regular conversation and end up chatting for a while, while others did not do much talking (but their hands and mouths wandered around). 

I met some nice guys and gentlemen, including a senior from [redacted] university who had beautiful golden curls and a sculpted body that showed me a really good time and told me I should return. My mouth wandered towards some c***s a couple times, and I may have made one other guy c*m but I did not give it all away — I did appreciate how respectful everyone was about boundaries and did not need me to repeat the message if I wasn’t interested. 

I had watched movies and series before depicting bathhouses and even some p*rn videos too, but they all showed the establishments in a negative light. From environments that fostered sexual assault and abuse to places where people went to catch STIs, they were all cautionary tales of this seemingly dangerous and hostile environment. 

What I found there were only men sharing a common space to have fun, whatever kind they wanted to experience, where body standards and judgment were out of the door. Sure, some people had their own schedules and were doing people without anything in between but they looked quite happy during it. I loved watching it all happen: their faces, their movements, their or****s. It was even more entertaining than the p*rn on the TV.

I left pretty satisfied, wiping away the c*m from my mouth and the sweat that dripped from my body after a couple hours of action. I would rate it a seven-out-of-ten. My only complaint was there weren’t as many guys as I had expected and the facilities were small for that same reason. 

Feeling more adventurous than ever, I left craving more new experiences and sensations, finding joy in the dark corners where we all go to find our bit of fun. 

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