S.C. Johnson College of Business Project Team Continues Collaboration with VinUniversity in Hanoi

Construction for the new VinUniversity broke ground in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2018, with Cornell leadership advising and consulting on the project. The first cohort, numbering less than 300 students, arrived at the university in fall 2020. Cornell partnered with Vingroup, a Vietnamese enterprise and property developer, to build the new university, which will be the first private non-profit university in Vietnam.  

“VinUniversity is an exciting effort, and one of great academic interest for Cornell faculty and students,” said Prof. Emeritus Max Pfeffer, global development, and director of the Cornell-VinUniversity project. “It was exciting to learn about a university that was being formed from scratch and that was to become the first private non-profit university in Vietnam.” 

The project also builds on a history of Cornell involvement with foreign universities, including in China with Peking University. VinUniversity expands these ties, and sets the stage for more involvement in Vietnam. 

“The ties between Cornell and VinUniversity build on Cornell’s longstanding scholarship in Southeast Asia,” Pfeffer said.