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MORADI | Goodbye to All That

I have never felt as young as I did last week, at 21, sitting behind my baba in a hospital room as a nurse explained some pre- and post-op procedures that he’d have to undergo. Baba kept repeating the same lines he had been for the past few days: I don’t have high blood pressure, I don’t have diabetes or high cholesterol, I exercise, I eat well. Why is this happening to me? Everything the nurse said that day came with sporadic yet pregnant glances in my direction. Baba was genetically predisposed for these heart problems, so chances are I’ve inherited them too, just as I did his big eyes and perpetual nervousness.

Autumn Baked Ithaca

Unwind at Statler’s Regent Lounge

Whether you need a place to study alone, meet with coworkers or unwind from a stressful week, the Regent Lounge is the ideal place to do so while treating yourself to delicious food.

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#PastaGoals at Gola Osteria

After following the arrows down the winding halls, my friend and I finally arrived in Tuscany, Italy. The candlelit space was bustling with life at 6 p.m. on a Sunday.